Managing deadlines and dates

docufyi has several ways for users to manage the key deadlines and dates of a contract.

1. Automatic email alerts - docufyi will automatically send an email to the contract owner when a contract is 30 days from a key deadline and each time a key deadline is missed.  The email will include links directly to the contract and the organization so you can quickly assess what needs to be done.

2. Sync with your personal calendar - docufyi allows you to add all of the key dates and deadlines for your contracts to your own or a shared calendar.

  • All dates for a specific contract
  • All contracts and dates for a specific organization
  • All contracts and all dates in docufyi

3. In the docufyi list view there are columns for both the "provide notice date" and "end date" so you can quickly scan when key dates are approaching.

4. Alarm indicators - If a contract has a deadline approaching or misses a deadline, the contract will be flagged with an alarm (red circle) or warning (gray circle) indicator.

  • Column view - the alarm or warning is show in each tile
  • List view - the alarm or warning is shown next to the contract name in the list
  • Contract view - if you are viewing an individual contract, the all alarms are listed at the top of the view. 
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