Viewing contract details

docufyi provides several layers of detail when viewing contract information

1. Contract tile view - in the column view, docufyi has simple contract tiles.  These tiles show the contract name, the organization, and the number of files associated with the contract.  Additionally, these tiles may have two other indicators.  It will have an warning or alarm indicators if a key deadline is approaching or has passed.  It will also have an indicator if a contract has an automatic renewal mechanism.

2. Contract expanded tile view - From the tile view, you can click in the bottom right corner and open up the tile to view some additional information.  In this expanded tile view docufyi will show the tags for the contract as well as the start and end dates for the contract.

3. Contract full view - If you want to view all of the data for a specific contract, you can select "more" from the expanded tile view or select the contract title link from any view where a contract is listed.  


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