Best practice for setting up a contract

This article describes how to best enter the details of a contract into docufyi. We realize that some users may not add contract details at one time.  For example, the may need information from other people.  So docufyi recommends that you consider this tiered approach when entering contract data.  It starts with the core/essential data and then continues to add data with increasing value.  

1.  Core – I need to have all my contracts in one place

  • Contract name and owner
  • Select a file(s)
  • Stage - draft, active, action required, notice given, terminated
  • Assign the organization 

2. Timeframes - When do I need to deal with things

  • Dates - start date, start investigation date, decision due, notice due, end date
  • Term and renewal period (if any) 

3. People - Who are my key contacts on this contract

  • People 

4. Organize – How to find answers quickly

  • Tags - quick way to categorize your contracts into logical groups
  • Description field for advanced details on contract
  • Contract value - monthly and total value
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